Falling in to Spring

Anne and I just returned from our first ever trip to Argentina, my first time to the southern hemisphere. We spent a couple days in Costa Rica before flying on the Mendoza, a few days there, drove to Bariloche and back, then home via the airport hotel in Lima, Peru, and another night in Costa Rica, poolside, and a lovely midnight transit in LAX, international terminal to terminal 6. Home at 3:30 am. We visited several wineries in the Mendoza area with our friends Maria and Lorena. Maria used to import wines from Mendoza, using her talents to get us into a few very interesting small wineries, and an exclusive winemaker tour of Antigua Bodega in San Juan. Lorena lives in Buenos Aires where sh

What Springs to Mind...

Okay, a little rusty with my website editing skills. Our regular followers (hi Dad!) may have noticed it's been a while since I've posted, aka tried to edit this site. This means I've lost track of how to, say, scroll down on this "Manage Your Blog" page, hence the short posts. With any luck, I'll soon figure out how to edit the rest of the site and bring things a bit more up to date. That would be very exciting. To continue with the last post, what I meant to say before losing a visual on the text: We blended this concoction of Petit Verdot and Malbec into a new, 25-gallon Hungarian Oak barrel. Smaller barrels are pretty aggressive with the oak, so after two months this wine had a pronounce

Feverish Spring

Lots going on at T2 this winter, and now into spring. After a busy bottling season we now have almost all our reds represented in bottle. Starting with a harvest bottling of the first Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre, red bottling continued in January with the Syrah and the Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre Reserve. We bottled our first Bordeaux in February, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon from Gamache and Red Willow Vineyards. The SGM is available at West Seattle Cellars and Central Coop (on Capitol Hill). We expect to officially release the SGM-Reserve, Syrah, and Malbec this spring. The cab may wait a bit. Next to bottle will be our 2017 Rose and a very limited bottling of the 2017 Marsanne-Rousanne. We hav

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