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What Springs to Mind...

Okay, a little rusty with my website editing skills. Our regular followers (hi Dad!) may have noticed it's been a while since I've posted, aka tried to edit this site. This means I've lost track of how to, say, scroll down on this "Manage Your Blog" page, hence the short posts. With any luck, I'll soon figure out how to edit the rest of the site and bring things a bit more up to date. That would be very exciting. To continue with the last post, what I meant to say before losing a visual on the text: We blended this concoction of Petit Verdot and Malbec into a new, 25-gallon Hungarian Oak barrel. Smaller barrels are pretty aggressive with the oak, so after two months this wine had a pronounced oak character. By aging it in stainless, the wine has the chance to integrate the oak, to smooth out a bit. It has improved markedly, and may be ready to bottle quite soon.

The next post will be a brief travelogue of our trip to Argentina's wine country.

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