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A most rewarding year

2022 was a stellar year for T2 in many ways. Foremost is all the work that goes into making our wines. It simply could not be done without the generosity of friends helping with crush, bottling, covering our tasting room when we are out of town, helping at events while Anne works the tasting room.

Our wines benefit from so many things - viticultural excellence from our grower partners, attention to detail at every step, ample aging in the temperature-controlled barrel room. These all contribute to the consistent quality of T2 Wines, for which we are receiving more and more recognition. Here are a couple of write ups from Great Northwest Wine magazine's Winter, 2023 Platinum edition:

...T2 Cellar's second and third GNW Platinum Awards, after the 2018 GSM garnered our first ever Platinum. I've had the luck a couple of times in the last year to chat with Eric Degerman, writer and publisher of Great Northwest Wines. He is clearly a great listener. Eric and I chatted for a half hour when I first dropped off wines for the judging - he's woven in bits from these conversations, such as the yellow plums we started with in 2010 (and '11, which was plum bad - time to work with grapes!). The Sangio does represent a one-off that we will treasure. This is a young wine that possesses the complexity, structure and fruit quality to be delicious now, with potential to age in very enticing ways.

The 2022 harvest was unique in how late it started and ran. While in '21 we finished harvest October 5, we had barely started by then this year, and brought in Petit Verdot on a chilly November 3 morning. We pressed part of that lot this last week - January 17! (Check in later for a bit on extended maceration!)

Winemaking is everything, but selling wine also has some benefits! This year witnessed 50% sales growth over 2021! Perhaps it verges on the banal, talking about sales, but we do need to pay for some things to have the privilege to make wine for all our customers, friends, family and yet-to-be friends (and those occasional bottles we bring home). Do not mistake: we love the awards and customer compliments. It is great, though, to see our wine enjoyed by more and more people in ever more places.

We are grateful to all these things. Now to reset for another year, which we hope will be as good as the last, and will certainly be as enjoyable, as we share our efforts and those of our many friends to make more of the wine we love.

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