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Production operations during COVID-19

We are fortunate at the moment that wine does a lot of laying around and aging this time of year. I still have to go in to the winery periodically to check on things, make sure the Rose' and Viognier blend are cold stabilizing, top barrels, check on tank gaskets, pick up stock for deliveries, among other things. We hope to be able to bottle the 2019 Rose' and Viognier sometime in April. This generally involves several volunteers to carry out. At this point, it looks like just Anne and I, and maybe just a partial bottling, then finish during early summer before things heat up too much - the wine doesn't want to sit around an 80 - degree room waiting to bottle. These are challenges, but not such hard challenges in relation to what many people are facing these days.

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Since 2016, T2 has produced a Rosé of Counoise (zzz). No, that's not a "sleepy rosé". French 101: if there's an e after the s, then say the s (if no e, then s is silent). We'll bring out a new R of C

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addison adams
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