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A tale of two Rosés

Since 2016, T2 has produced a Rosé of Counoise (zzz). No, that's not a "sleepy rosé". French 101: if there's an e after the s, then say the s (if no e, then s is silent). We'll bring out a new R of C'zzz in April, but the winemaker's work is never done, which I'm evaluating this wine right now. In February. Five days after bottling. As with past R of C'z this is an elegant, etherial Rosé. In fact it has almost no color. WtF? Never fear though, for a bit more color, and a little more body in your rosé, there's Second Leaf, our Rosé of Cinsault (only 10 cases...sorry!). This is a very tasty rose, not "etherial". Back to this C'zzz and its' color - one might think White Wine. Fine. Still, really good. One good sigh: I opened this bottle over a day ago, and still fresh, no wine-sucky, no argon. Looking forward to sharing this Rosé Wine with you all. (Wine, because I do not want people thinking this is Rose Beer! Yuck.)

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